How To Drive Traffic Using a Link in Bio (TikTok)

Put your TikTok link in your bio for maximum exposure. The use of a single connection, however, has its restrictions.
With for TikTok, you can convert your TikTok feed into a clickable, mobile-optimized landing page and add a custom link to each of your scheduled videos.

This opens up a world of opportunities, from boosting website traffic and email list signups to promoting a brand new product.

Add a URL to Your TikTok Bio

Similar to Instagram, TikTok profiles support the addition of external links.
Your fans will be able to learn more about you, your brand, and your products as a result of this. Add a link to your bio on TikTok by following these steps:

  • Opening TikTok
    The TikTok app is where you should begin.
  • The second step is to visit your profile.
    Then, go to your profile and do the following:
    Third, include a website.
  • Click “Profile,” then “Add Your Website,” and enter your website’s URL.
  • Add that link to your TikTok bio, and you’ll be set!

Please take note that the website field is restricted to Personal Accounts that meet certain requirements and Business Accounts that have more than 1,000 followers.

To What Does a Bio Link With Later Lead? (a Step-by-step guide)

TikTok only lets you have one clickable link in your bio, so it’s crucial that you make the most of it every chance you get.

Instead of spending a tonne of time updating links by hand, you can simply use this method instead. The outcome benefits both parties.

Prepared to launch? Here’s how to link your TikTok profile to Later’s

First, link your TikTok account to the postponed service

Download Later on your desktop, and then sign in (or sign in) to share your updates. Go ahead and link your account to TikTok.
Note: must be configured for Instagram before it can be used with TikTok.
To incorporate active buttons: The Button block tab can be edited by clicking Edit. Paste the link and some text for the button. As many buttons as you like can be added. The preview of the landing page to the left of the screen will update as you add buttons.

Simply click Add in the Linked Social Posts section to incorporate a hyperlinked version of your TikTok feed. Select a black-and-white TikTok post on the left side of the screen, copy the link, and paste it into the text box.

For more featured media, go to the Featured Media tab and click Edit. Showcase your most recent Instagram post or a video from your channel.

For additional social media accounts, click the Add button. This is where you’ll link your various social media accounts, including LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Email, Google My Business, YouTube, Pinterest, and Facebook.

In the Blocks menu, find the Mailchimp section, click Add, and give your new integration a descriptive name in the box that appears. Then, in the Signup Form, click Connect to enter your MailChimp details. Once you’re linked, go to the Mailchimp Audience section and select the group from which you want email addresses.

Simply go to your profile, find the Edit button, and fill out a brief bio to display on your landing page.

Second, make your page look the way you want it to with

You can customise Later with one of its predefined colour schemes, including Light, Dark, Almond, Pistachio, Sandcastle, or Aquarium.
The colours, buttons, and fonts of your landing page can all be changed to better fit in with the rest of your brand’s materials.
You can change the colour, shape, style, and shadow of the buttons on your landing page to suit your needs.

Step 3: Integrate into your TikTok Account

Copy your personalised link to the clipboard, then launch TikTok from your mobile device to add it to your profile.

Choose “Profile Settings” and then “Edit” to add the URL to your profile.

Please take note that the website field is restricted to Personal Accounts that meet certain requirements and Business Accounts that have more than 1,000 followers. Now is the time to learn the ins and outs of expanding your TikTok fan base.

Now your TikTok profile can function as a miniature clickable website.
So… If you want to add a link to your TikTok bio, why not use by Later?
It’s important to consider what you’ll actually use before settling on a link in bio tool for TikTok.

What you can do with a Later Starter plan:

  • Include as many links to buttons as you like
  • You can make a linked version of your TikTok channel.
  • Change the layout of the page by picking different colours and fonts.
  • Examine as much as three months’
  • Put up a link to your most recent blog post or video on YouTube.
  • Implement a MailChimp add-on
  • Join the social media
  • Among the additional benefits of upgrading to the Growth or Advanced plan are:
  • The data can span up to a year in terms of clicks.

Access global trends in visitor traffic to

Branding: Don’t Wait

In addition!

Two, make a bio page on TikTok and link it to your Twitter account. can allows you to create a customised landing page for your TikTok channel, boost visibility of your profile, complete with unlimited call-to-action buttons, social links, a linked version of your TikTok feed, a spotlight for a recent YouTube video or post, and even the option to integrate MailChimp and expand your email subscriber base.

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