Preventing The Robotic Takeover Of Your Instagram Account

It’s true that keeping up with your social media profiles may be a time-consuming endeavour. To obtain organic Instagram followers, you need to put in the time and effort to develop content, plan the optimal time to share it, and actively engage with your audience.

It’s tempting to let automation take control, but doing so might hinder your chances of organically growing your Instagram following.

Making Stuff and Putting It Online

This may seem like something that should be filed under “don’t automate,” yet a surprising number of accounts rely heavily on re-posting the work of others. They just locate some popular accounts to share from, and those accounts take over. Filler material can be found in reposts, but relying on them too much will not help you establish your brand or attract a dedicated following. Instead, please share what makes you, you.

Grow Your Instagram Following Naturally

Automating the process of following people who follow your account or discovering new people to follow is quite frequent. After all, one of the easiest strategies to promote organic development for your Instagram account is to follow other users and interact with them.

Unfortunately, this may rapidly become problematic when automated. Instagram has attempted to eradicate spam and automated accounts, yet they remain. If you follow everyone, you risk having nothing but spam and porn in your feed.

While automatic following might fast increase your audience size, a large portion of that audience is unlikely to interact with your posts. In a short amount of time, this may wreak havoc on your statistics, making it difficult to learn anything useful about your audience’s true preferences.


We are not suggesting that you do analytics measurement on your own. After all, you don’t want to manually track metrics like new followers or views when you might be receiving automatic reports on these important indicators of success!

However, the conclusions you get from your analytics can’t be automated. You can get a good sense of what’s happening with your account by looking at the statistics, but only you can get to the bottom of why the numbers are behaving the way they are.

Have you done something special in tandem with a viral star? How did you get people to follow you on Instagram? Have you run a successful advertising campaign?

The raw figures don’t mean much if you don’t know what caused a surge (or drop) in your account’s popularity. You can never fully automate the process of analysing this data and making modifications based on what you learn.


In no way does this discourage the adoption of automation software. After all, they may really aid in expediting your Instagram experience. However, the adage says, “moderation in all things.” Obtaining organic Instagram followers is the best way to expand your business, and it can be done by striking the right mix between automating and manual efforts.

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