Maximizing Social Media Video Views by Fine-Tuning the Thumbnail

Whether it’s free or commercial, videos tend to have a greater impact on a specific audience than text-only posts. The problem? Maintaining the attention of those who may otherwise scroll on by. The thumbnails of videos are a crucial part in attracting viewers. You may increase your video’s views and interaction on social media by choosing captivating thumbnails.

The use of video by marketers was already on the increase, but the year 2020 really accelerated the trend. To aid in their community-building initiatives and increase e-commerce sales, brands have begun experimenting with new types of videos. In fact, sales from sponsored video are 48% greater than those from static advertisements, thus the investment is well justified. A engaging thumbnail that draws the attention of your target audience is crucial to promote video interaction on social media and stand out in 2023.

Get That Much-Sought-After Click

Video engagement on social media has fast become a major focus for marketers as the popularity of TikTok continues to climb and as new video features and capabilities appear on channels like Instagram and Pinterest. While the process of generating video interaction may be more involved than that of publishing static content, the benefits to both brand and audience development are substantial. As the thumbnail serves as the video’s introduction, it’s vital for companies to generate a strong first impression. Your viewers will be enticed to press play by the quality of the thumbnail.

It is crucial to segment your video material in accordance with the preferences of the various social media platforms. In a similar vein, each platform has its own set of tools that promoters may use to improve video material with distinct thumbnails. Your thumbnail selection should be consistent across channels. Using artificial intelligence to determine which video thumbnails will resonate with your audience is one way to set your organic and paid content apart in the increasingly competitive social media landscape. Furthermore, using effective video thumbnails will guarantee that all visuals served to your audience are consistent with your brand’s personality.


Instagram is built around videos. Instagram’s in-feed video, as well as IGTV and Reels, are just a few of the ways that the platform has given marketers new ways to improve the social media campaigns. Video is becoming an increasingly common part of the content strategy of brands across all sectors as a way to differentiate their online presence and engage with consumers.

When Instagram introduced Reels, video previews have gained newfound importance. You should make sure that every video thumbnail you give your audience conveys a story, as users may browse three different feeds from your page. Use text to provide context for a virtual interview or discussion, or show off the final result in the thumbnail of a culinary video or make-up instruction.

New Balance recognises the value of video storytelling and often produces them. The thumbnails for the brand’s videos are carefully crafted to tantalise viewers without giving too much of the plot away. Chipotle comes up with clever solutions for making thumbnails that capture a subtle branded moment in a lo-fi style video, allowing it to successfully include user-generated material onto its feed without diluting its own identity.


Because the bulk of pins on Pinterest’s main feed are images, video is even more powerful on the platform. People who use Pinterest tend to be in the market for a product or service, making video a great tool for introducing potential buyers to your wares. Oreo uses video pins to distribute recipes involving their iconic cookies, and then generates unique thumbnails to showcase the final result and incorporate the brand’s recognisable emblem.
Video thumbnails on Pinterest, like those on other social media platforms, may easily be lost in the shuffle, so it’s crucial for marketers to take into account the likes and interests of their target demographic. The effectiveness of your video pins depends on this. Using artificial intelligence tools in tandem with Pinterest’s video specs is essential for producing effective video thumbnails.


Shares of videos on Facebook are 1,200% more likely to occur than shares of photographs. The thumbnail for your video is essential if you want to leverage Facebook’s extensive sharing capabilities. Facebook lets companies pick a thumbnail picture for their videos so that they may maximise the effectiveness of their ads and organic reach. Viewers will see this both before and after watching your video. Brands using Facebook must, like those using Instagram and Pinterest, use images that will attract attention. HelloFresh makes unique thumbnails for their video series starring celebrity partners to draw attention and stand out from the crowd.
Use AI-driven performance forecasts for your video thumbnails to increase ad click-throughs and earnings. No matter how much you spent on an influencer or how many people saw your video, not every video your brand puts in front of consumers will generate engagement. However, using data and treating your video thumbnails like you would your static Facebook ads will help your videos generate as much engagement as possible.

Make an Impressive Teaser

The thumbnail is the first impression people get of your video. It’s tempting to just grab a still from the video and toss it up on the site without giving the thumbnails any thought, but putting in the effort to use predictive performance technologies on a small subset of them will pay off in terms of views and interaction. The preview image of a creative video may make or break its potential viewership. The key to successful social media video thumbnails is artificial intelligence-backed imagery.

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