Skills That Will Be Essential for a Social Media Manager in 2023

One job profile that gets a lot of attention is that of a social media manager. For sure, this is one function that has evolved considerably throughout the years. A social media manager’s primary duty is to learn about the business and its objectives in order to develop a strategic plan. As a result of this knowledge, they formulate and implement a plan to capture the attention of the target demographic.

Companies’ needs for their brands and the social media manager’s contract dictate the specifics of the position. This field attracts many young people because of the flexibility and adaptability it offers in terms of work environment.

You probably know someone in your twenties who works part-time or freelance as a social media manager for a company. For young people just starting out in the creative industries, this is a great chance to cash in as the gig economy begins to take off. Jobs like managing social media have emerged as a result of the pandemic and the WFH movement since they can be performed from a distance or in a hybrid setting.

According to LinkedIn, social media management is the third most in-demand profile (based on the number of job listings) within the broader field of digital marketing. As the credibility of a company’s social media manager directly impacts how consumers perceive the company, this makes perfect sense. Expertise in content creation, some numeracy, and user-engagement techniques are required. This is crucial in securing the brand’s online presence.

The best social media management abilities are discussed in this post.

Top-Rated Abilities for a Social Media Manager


Good communication is, without a doubt, the lifeblood of social media management. Fundamentally, a social media manager’s job is marketing a business’s goods and services through posts that include both written content and visual material. Whoever is in charge of conveying a message must choose the most effective method of doing so.

Sharing your vision with the client (through mood boards, presentations, etc.), assisting the creative team in translating that vision into copy (by expectation setting, brand reference provision, etc.), and spreading the brand’s message via social media are all part of the package. To avoid having your message get lost in translation, it’s important to know how the intended receiver feels and speaks.

Management Software for Social Media

You, as a social media marketing newbie, absolutely must be aware of the resources at your disposal. This is so because it may be out of your price range to engage a dedicated design and copy team. You may find yourself in charge of a one-person performance, and the crowd will demand what it desires. You’ll need to hone your writing abilities and familiarise yourself with design software like Canva, as well as video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro or Apple’s iMovie.

The preferred tone of communication with the target audience may be deduced by observing the actions of competing businesses. You may use this as a guide when you write your copy and develop your content. You may experiment with several different free tools to find the one that works best for you.

One person may do exceptionally well with the in-app functionality of their chosen video-making and editing software, while another may require an additional app. Instagram is a great example of an app that serves as a tool in its own right since it allows users to take photos and videos and then edit them, add text, music, and filters all without leaving the app.

Workflow management solutions improve the administration of social media networks so that nothing of significance slips through the cracks. The client’s social media accounts may be managed in one place, with postings scheduled in advance, and routine activities automated.


There’s really no other way to phrase it: creativity plays a significant role in this line of work. It’s the desire to engage in speculative thought, generate concepts, and launch novel, successful initiatives. It melds realism with creative problem solving.

The more time spent online, the more likely it is that a person will acquire the imagination necessary to become a social media whiz. Ideas build on one another, and before you know it, you’ve had an engaging marketing campaign for your company.

Internet users have become weary of being used as a means to further business goals. The goal is to interest your audience and persuade them to buy into your notion. By investing in the brand’s culture and the value of its consumers, you may create a loyal following that supports the business beyond the scope of simple product sales. Working on social capital requires both creativity and strategy. When social media duties are automated, that frees up time for more creative, original campaign planning and execution.

Controlling Workflows

Daily, weekly, and monthly mapping sequencing activities are essential. In order to effectively manage a social media team, you must first establish clear lines of authority, delegate responsibilities, and ensure that everything gets approved.

Just make sure you set the groundwork:

Schedule your accomplishments.
Choose a few social networking sites.
Figure out who should do what
Locate appropriate resources
Develop a strategy for showcasing both user-generated and original material; research popular hashtags and communities
Have a plan for your social media posts.
Preparing a Timetable for Updates
Metrics monitoring and analysis
Develop a plan for handling emergencies.

Communication in the Public Domain

Managers of a company’s social media accounts serve as an extension of the PR department. The public’s perception of a brand is affected in one way or another by every piece of material that is distributed. If you want to increase user interest in your material, you need to have a good grasp of social feelings and thoughts about what would appeal to the people in your target category.

What you don’t say might be just as important as what you do when it comes to maintaining your social media profile. Brands in a tight place require crisis management experts.

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