Mastering Instagram Stories For Your Brand

Do you want to promote your business using Instagram Stories?

Curious about the Stories implementation at other companies?

With Instagram Stories, you can provide your audience more context and background information than they would get from a single photograph.

This post will show you four methods to use Instagram Stories to work for your company.

Why Instagram Stories?

The idea for Instagram’s Stories was taken directly from Snapchat’s own Stories feature. Instagram Stories are distinct from your regular feed since they disappear after 24 hours. Like Snapchat, they are short-lived images that may be customised with doodles and effects.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can post the same kind of content on Instagram that you do on Snapchat. That aesthetic won’t work well with Instagram’s more refined design for most companies. Don’t make your stories too personal unless you want to become the face of your company.
Make sure your stories add value to your brand to get the most out of this function. Given their short shelf life, timing is key when posting them. In addition, the more stories you create, the more probable it is that you will be featured at the top of a user’s Instagram feed.

Four ways to benefit your company from this fantastic social tool

Provide Unique Discounts

When combined with Instagram stories’ one-of-a-kind features, discounts already appear like a steal. Remember that Instagram stories are most effective because of their scarcity. Thus, your business’s promotional offerings and branding efforts will be more successful if you use stories to disseminate them.

Directing viewers to the bio link is one method of promoting deals through stories. Share a “coupon” in the form of an Instagram story and let viewers know that the deal will be over at the conclusion of the 24-hour story window. To find out how to use your discount, customers can click the link in your Instagram bio, which can be included on the voucher.

Customers and potential prospects will feel a feeling of urgency because of the fleeting nature of the Instagram story.

Display Your Inventive Methods

It could be a rough drawing of the product’s layout, a video of your trip to the factory making it, or just a professional photograph of the finished good. Providing your audience with glimpses like this into your creative process might help you gain their trust.

In addition, you may provide the audience a sneak glimpse at a client’s new product or service in a special feature. Exposure to your audience’s work can be appealing, allowing you to demonstrate the strength of your brand and the range of services you can offer. Obtaining the client’s consent before using them in your Instagram ads is a given.

Give people an unfiltered, casual look at your company

The impact of Instagram stories on your brand, though, will last far longer. Humanising your brand to current consumers and new sales leads requires polished stories that convey a true but still skillfully constructed look at your firm.

Think about providing quick glimpses inside the inner workings of your company. One of the hardworking employees at successful activewear brand Lorna Jane is featured here.

Agree to Be Acquired

A fast technique to get more followers is to take over someone else’s Instagram story. You can either let another person or company take over your Instagram account for a day, or you can take over someone else’s account yourself.

It’s a great way to have some fun while gaining exposure to a new audience in addition to the one that the takeover host already has. Takeovers are unique in that they function as a partnership to facilitate a win-win value exchange between the acquiring and acquired parties. One of the most effective strategies for expanding your fan base.

To Sum Up

Instagram has grown into a social media giant, with 500 million active users every month. This is in stark contrast to Snapchat, which only has 100 million daily users. In addition, 68% of Instagrammers say they frequently interact with brands.

Instagram is a top growth channel and fantastic business platform, but just 36% of marketers are there. They are making a major error by doing this. Instagram is a fantastic tool for expansion. If you’re currently on Facebook, you really should be utilising Instagram, especially the brand new Stories feature.

If you’re having trouble deciding what to post to your Instagram stories, why not poll your followers and discover what they want to see from you? Put this insight to good use by letting it guide the creation of future stories.

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