Guide To Insta-Fame: Marketing Your Business On Instagram

You may not have heard, but Instagram has surpassed Facebook in total monthly active users and organic reach. There has been a movement in marketing strategies away from the Book and towards the image-sharing platform.

What makes Instagram so popular? As a result of the ease with which brands may present their histories in the form of visual narratives. There are a lot of businesses effectively spreading their message using it. And it’s now the social media platform of choice for businesses, surpassing even Facebook.

To what end are you striving?
Are you looking to expand your clientele? Is increasing website traffic one of your goals?

Think about the benefits your company may reap from establishing a presence online. You may then decide if Instagram is a good fit for your company after considering the benefits and drawbacks.

Instagram, why?

Because you can control what you see, Instagram is one of my favourite social media platforms. The platform uses the simplest possible algorithm, which is also the most complicated. User mental processing power.

As a result, your Instagram content will be viewed by individuals who are really interested in what you have to say. Those who are already interested in your company or its offerings are more likely to follow you and engage with your content.

Customers will have an easier time connecting with your business if you use photographs and videos to humanise it.

Explore Hidden Areas

Instagram is a terrific way to show your audience how your company operates behind the scenes. It’s a great way to put a face to your company’s name. You may get down to business on other social networks. Instagram may provide your followers a glimpse of your private life.

I’m not suggesting you publish a gallery of awkward office holiday party images. Instead, highlight your company’s human qualities. Share visual documentation of the company’s day-to-day operations. You may show off pictures of the party or the event planning. Employees and their contributions to the firm might also be highlighted.


Post information about any upcoming networking or training events your organisation is hosting. I’ve been known to use a company’s Instagram account to disseminate event information and photographs in a condensed form. It promotes your upcoming event and positions your workers as thinking leaders. As a Public Relations expert, I take great pleasure in creating a buzz.

Promote Participation

Engage your audience. You may recall that I once recommended mastering the #hashtag. On Instagram, it’s quite helpful. Instagram is similar to Twitter in many ways, with the exception that posts have no character restriction. Use brand-related hashtags to inject your photographs into the debate.

I follow Nike closely on Instagram. They are experts at demonstrating why they are the industry standard in athletic apparel. They don’t need to use Instagram to promote themselves; their name is already universally associated with sportswear. Instead, they share a wide variety of content, including fan photos of themselves donning Nike gear and messages of gratitude to the brand’s devoted audience.

Check out the Instagram hash tag #justdoit. You may observe a wide variety of people who are dedicated Nike customers and who are wearing Nike merchandise from head to toe.

Coerce people into sharing your work. The Instagram Repost App is one of my go-tos for this. This software allows your followers to re-post your content on their own profiles while keeping the original formatting and text. Like a retweet on Twitter, this spreads your message to new people who might be interested in what you have to say.


Make sure you stick to this approach if you want your brand’s Instagram to take off. Before creating an account, do some background reading to ensure that your posts will be consistent with the company’s image. If you do what I suggest, you’ll soon have a huge following.

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