Instagram Reels: A Digital Marketing Tool

You’ve probably encountered the term “Reels” or “Reels” before without realising it. There have been many comparisons made between Instagram’s Reels and TikTok, and these comparisons are generally accurate. 

It’s not surprising though, considering that TikTok has more than a billion users and that even converting a fraction of them to Instagram would be a huge success for the latter.

We’ll be covering the ins and outs of Instagram Reels, and how you can utilise them to improve your digital marketing strategy, from the ground up today.

Instagram reels: what are they?

In the spirit of TikTok, Instagram now has a feature called “Reels” that lets users record and edit videos up to 60 seconds in length, all within the app itself.

Stickers, text, music, and special effects are just some of the things you may use to spice up your movie and make it more interesting to watch.

You may access Instagram Reels by tapping the video reel icon in the app’s bottom-middle section. After you do, you’ll be brought to a page where you may view Instagram highlights.

In this section, viewers can watch any of the most recently added Reels. You can see Reels on this page forever. The “Search” page is where you’ll go to look for your preferred producer of content.

Instagram TV offers both short (15 second) and long-form (60+ minute) videos.

Instagram Reels: A Digital Marketer’s Guide

Interested in jumping on the digital marketing bandwagon that is Instagram Reels? Here are five easy steps to do!

Generate instructive media

If your brand is already well-known, you can put it to good use on Reels by creating instructional material about your origins, products, and marketing approaches.

Just don’t rush things in the beginning!

Drop hints and insider information on your viewers, but not so much information that they won’t be interested in coming back for more.

Make some brief movies outlining useful techniques you employ often. Maintain an air of informality while still imparting valuable information. It’s okay to slip in some product placements, too.

Adding a question and answer session at the end of each video is an even better idea. As an added bonus, this kind of engagement with your audience will help you produce content without wearing yourself out too much.

Prepare teasers

Whether you have a podcast, YouTube show/channel, or Instagram TV, then Reels is made for you!

You may put the short movies to good use by making previews of the next episode or highlighting the most exciting parts of the show.

You’ll want to keep watching the video after the first few seconds.

These bite-sized videos will not only keep your audience informed about your newest uploads, but they also have the potential to attract new subscribers and viewers.

But, if you want to use Reels to promote your other channels, you need make sure your social media presence is in order. Getting your video in front of the proper people isn’t always simple, especially if you’re having trouble figuring out which hashtags to use.

Use a hashtag generator to assist you out if you’re stuck.

Adhere to the current trends

Have a keen eye out for emerging styles. The Instagram app’s Reels homepage is the ideal place to start looking for such content.

Explore the videos and see if you can spot any that follow the same pattern or use the same hashtag.

Check that the trend you’ve spotted works with your brand and content before jumping on it. It may turn off your audience if you, a tech channel, started participating in the newest dance craze.

You may discover new trends by clicking the “explore” button on Instagram and scrolling through the user-generated content. Check to see if there are any recurrent hashtags in the postings.

Content repurposing

There are several approaches of recycling existing material. The first is the reuse of existing materials.

If you have already uploaded movies to another service like YouTube or TikTok, you can use those instead.

You can then choose to cut it down, make changes, or just upload it again to Reels.

It’s a fantastic method for expanding your media reach without producing brand-new material for each channel individually. Several YouTube channels that typically upload long-form material have begun adopting Instagram Reels and TikTok to share shorter highlight reels of their longer shows.

Making your information relevant to a current trend is another method of repurposing it. It takes time and effort to master, as it isn’t always simple to incorporate a trend into your brand’s identity, but if you succeed, you might attract a large audience and gain many new fans.

Exhibit Your Goods

It’s common knowledge that many YouTube channels saw significant drops in income after the “Adpocalypse.” As a result, YouTubers have had to start monetizing their channels by selling merchandise and securing corporate sponsorships.

It’s very much like the music industry, where the rise of streaming services has meant that musicians need to sell stuff to break even.

Whether you’re selling clothes, cosmetics, or something else entirely, Instagram Reels is a fantastic tool for making short promotional movies.

Because of this, it’s important to highlight the benefits of your product.

Make a big deal out of the fact that it’s less expensive than the alternatives. Be careful to explain to your audience why they should spend the extra money if you do.

It’s also crucial that visitors be routed to the appropriate product page. Little discounts for those who viewed the video are a terrific way to get things rolling. Provide a promo code, but don’t reveal it until the video’s closing credits.

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