Techniques For Promoting Your Company On Instagram

Recent Instagram statistics shows that out of its 100 million users, 25 million are associated with businesses, and 2 million use Instagram to promote their products and services to their target audiences. Furthermore, 80% of users are dedicated to a single brand.

Instagram is a great way for companies to reach a wide audience online, which might lead to increased sales. Nevertheless, if you’re not familiar with Instagram, signing up may seem daunting, if not impossible.

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When compared to other social media sites like Facebook, Instagram’s interface is straightforward. There aren’t many options to select while creating a new account or editing an existing one. Because of the little real estate available for text and links on Instagram accounts, you’ll need to be creative with your wording.

In actuality, you only have one-fifth of a mobile screen to demonstrate your brand identity,” says Tracy Ring, social media manager at 10x Digital. We guarantee that the profile will be free of blemishes and easy to read for all of our customers. We take full advantage of all the features available to us.

Think about the most crucial aspects of branding:

Headshot or profile picture:

Almost every business displays their logo. Keep in mind that profile pictures will be tiny and cropped into a circle, so keep things simple. If your logo is really wide, it’s best to go with a basic symbol like a favicon.

It’s important that this matches the name of your website and other online profiles.


Instagram profiles are limited to a single external link. Using this to link to your site is OK, but you should probably use an expanded link. For guidance on the latter, see Enhance Your Online Profile and Presence.


Just provide a short description of your company here (ideally no more than 150 characters). Emoticons, characters, hashtags, and spaces may all be used to express yourself uniquely. If you’re looking for some ideas, Adspresso has compiled a list of their favourite Instagram profiles to use as models.

Last but not least, you must link your Facebook account to your account if you want to use it for commercial purposes. A company profile gives you access to extra information, such as the address, phone number, and hours of operation, as well as data and insights.

Develop a Strategy for Instagram

Have a strategy in place before you put anything online. As Instagram is a visual channel, you should begin by creating a visual brand guide to ensure that your profile accurately reflects your business. Also, this helps people identify your brand whenever your content appears in their news feed, increasing the likelihood that they will become customers.

Keep in mind that brand rules don’t have to be overly complex while you work on them. MyCreativeShop provides a helpful checklist for social media branding in their article, “How to Master Your Social Media Branding.”

Schemes of colours:

Choose up one major, neutral hue and two or three accent colours to really make your graphics stand out.


Choose one major typeface that may be styled in many ways (bold, italic, etc.) to get various effects. Moreover, you might use a fancy typeface as an embellishment.

Design and layout:

Make format decisions for each post types, such as product picture versus quotation image. By doing so, you can maintain brand uniformity while yet providing some room for creative expression.


It’s important to establish guidelines for the use of several variations of your logo, such as a text logo, favicon, and symbol, to ensure that all of your assets are consistent in appearance.

Your plan of action comes next. For maximum success with your Instagram account, this is just as important as every other aspect of your business. Asking yourself these four questions can help you develop a targeted Instagram marketing approach.

Develop a More Precise Method

Keep track of how many people are engaging with your posts, captions, and photographs on Instagram on a weekly or monthly basis.

Go back to the Key Performance Indicators you established while formulating your plan, and keep in mind that it is necessary for all organisations to constantly tweak their content and procedure as they learn what works and what doesn’t. Consider Hopper HQ’s five recommendations for increasing your return on investment from Instagram to fine-tune your approach.

Advertise Your Company on Instagram

Instagram is an effective promotional medium for companies of all sizes and in all industries. Grow your brand on Instagram whether you’re a major company with a dedicated social media staff, a digital marketing firm, or a one-man show like a wedding photographer or baker.

On the other hand, it may be daunting to break through to your target audience in such a congested environment.

To get your plan rolling, start small by creating a successful account and using these strategies. Remember to track your social media marketing’s return on investment with analytics and KPIs.

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