IGTV vs. Reels: What You Need To Know

IGTV versus REELS: As a result of digital marketing, our perspectives & perceptions of the world have altered. Everything has grown over time, & all of this is ingrained in our way of life. Not only has the use of social media platforms enabled us to interact with individuals from all over the world, but it has also enabled us to grow our following.

With the introduction of IGTV & Reels, social media sites have become more video-centric, giving Instagram a strong foothold in video marketing. In the realm of Instagram, the debate has shifted to IGTV vs. Reels. If you’re unsure which is superior, you’ve arrived at the correct spot. Continue reading for more information.

What is Instagram TV (IGTV), and how does it work?

IGTV is Instagram’s answer to YouTube, allowing users to share videos of their choice. IGTV may be viewed by logging in with a current Instagram account using the Instagram app. In comparison to the way YouTube appears, its vertical orientation is critical.

IGTV is easier to use because it takes a few minutes to post a video, depending on your internet speed. IGTV has given businesses’ social media marketing efforts a new option for advertising their services and products to viewers. Additionally, users may reuse IGTV content and share it through Instagram stories and other platforms. And if you want to save time and energy in building a community, you could get IGTV views to grab audience attention instantly.

What is the meaning of Reels?

TikTok was a platform widely used by the general population. Although it is illegal in several countries, including India, it works in many other countries. Instagram Reels have now been introduced to the Indian public and Instagram users worldwide. It’s a short clip stream in which you may only upload videos under 15 seconds in length. Similar to and fast-rising in popularity like TikTok!

Reels are an excellent method to distribute information that will make people laugh, showcase a skill, or market a business. It has provided marketers with enormous opportunities since it enables them to display products, provide insight into a company’s “behind-the-scenes culture,” or demonstrate how customers gain from the brand. If you want to increase traffic to your account, you can get more Instagram reels views that will help gain more followers.

It’s an excellent way to get there.

When Should IGTV or Reels Be Used?

You’re probably thinking at this moment whether you should use IGTV or Reels. It relies on the objective you pursue and the message you’re attempting to communicate to your audience. Apart from that, consider the following points while selecting whether to utilize IGTV or Reels. Thus, the struggle continues to be IGTV vs. Reels.


  •  To create a series of question-and-answer sessions, extensive list explanations, and so on.
  • Re-sharing your Instagram life with your followers.
  • To present products and services in detail.
  • To connect with the audience when narrating a story.
  • Comprehensive reviews on any item.


  • To assemble time-lapse videos.
  • To showcase a series of brief behind-the-scenes films.
  • To display the products to the audience briefly and plainly.
  • To share simple, easy-to-implement tips and tricks.
  • A little detour.
  • Disseminating humorous or emotional content

Instagram marketing has made it simple for people to reach the target audiences by utilizing the proper tactics and tricks. For example, Instagram TV & Reels, both shared easily on the feed & Instagram stories.

Which Is More Engaging: IGTV or Reels?

When deciding between IGTV and Reels, one must evaluate which platform produces the most significant engagement. Because Instagram’s algorithm updates regularly, making forecasting impossible. It all relies on the objective you’re pursuing or the opportunities you want to create by posting video content. Consistency & quality control are the only things to maintain. Both IGTV & Reels add considerable value to the viewer; utilize both, but only as needed. Depending on the circumstances and your plan, you can select one of them at a time, focusing on the qualities. Determine which one is most appropriate for the content you intend to share with your audience. Attracting an audience may take time since it requires patience and giving something new to the audience.

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