Methods I’m Using To Determine Who Will Be Most Interested In My Reels

Now that I’m paying more attention to Reels and other forms of short-form video, I need to figure out how to monetize this increased audience engagement. My goal is to reach out to the individuals that interact with my Reels the most on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Even if they aren’t generating clicks to my site, it’s obvious that these films are having an effect. My Facebook and Instagram interaction is at an all-time high.

More significantly, I keep getting feedback from readers who are returning to my posts. Even though I kept sending them links that led nowhere, they stopped reading my posts. These kind of customers are increasingly buying from me.

I need to think of some ingenious methods to exploit this situation. I need to figure out how to target them most effectively first.

Audience generation

I don’t want to single out everyone who likes or comments on my blogs. Just too general of a statement. Both my Facebook and Instagram accounts are suitable for this purpose.

Leveraging This Team:

Undoubtedly, this has a wide range of applications. I may advertise services and solicit signups. For the time being, though, let’s focus on just making contact with these individuals.

Because of this, I made a film suggesting that, by seeing it, you must be part of my tribe. That you’re viewing my Reels in their whole is a positive sign.

I’m aiming for the specialised demographic we just defined. In addition, I’m not include anyone who has already seen the video I’m promoting here. When this campaign went live, I crafted the intended demographic and modified the ad set’s targeting accordingly.

In what ways may things have been improved?

Although I enjoy trying new things, this isn’t my go-to method. For two primary factors.

Question: (1) Why can’t I find and contact anyone who has seen a Reel or video in the last week?

I put forth a lot of time and effort to assemble a group of folks who are representative of those who have viewed one or more of my Reels. Even if I were to limit my attention to the most recent videos, I would have to constantly adding new videos as they are released.

This is a really undesirable situation. Is there not a way to set a 95% engagement threshold for all videos for a given time frame?

What’s the problem with narrowing my audience to persons who have seen at least three Reels in the last two months?

Incredibly, a frequency component is missing. This would allow us to cast a wider net and incorporate videos from a longer time frame. But without regular viewing, a viewer from two months ago isn’t as important as a viewer from today (given that I upload new films every day).

  • Yes, you can accomplish this with website custom audiences.
  • Website visitors who also exist as Facebook profiles can be targeted with a specialised audience. The target demographic can then be used to inform ad production.

Time for You

This strategy might be useful if you often release new videos. Can you tell me what you think?

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