7 Instagram Story Hacks To Boost Traffic

We simply must have more Instagram Stories. About 500 million people were using Stories every day as of January of this year, said TechCrunch. (And it’s likely that figure has increased since then.) There is more to profiles than meets the eye here. Your company’s reputation can only benefit from them. Here are nine Instagram Story hacks that will help you become an IG superstar and achieve your goals.

Taking a cue from Snapchat (and giving Snapchat a run for its money), Instagram implemented a 24-hour Stories feature. After that time, they will no longer be visible on your page. The only exception is if you use the Highlights feature.

Top 7 Instagram Story Hacks

One, make the most of hashtags and geotags to reach a wider audience.


You’ve probably noticed that when you add hashtags to your ordinary Instagram posts, you get more likes, comments, and views.

This is because folks who aren’t already following you can find your article simply by searching the relevant hashtag.

Instagram Stories are subject to the same regulation.

Including one or two hashtags in your Instagram Stories is a great way to increase your reach.

Highlight articles that you want to remember

Instagram Stories, as we’ve already mentioned, disappear after a day. Putting them in Highlights is your sole defence against this happening. If you do this, the Story will be there indefinitely unless and until you remove it.

However, you shouldn’t stop there. Give your Highlights a “cover” that fits your brand’s aesthetic to establish some uniformity.

You can change the cover art for a Highlight by selecting it, touching the three dots in the upper right corner, selecting Edit Highlights, and selecting Edit Cover.

The use of highlights allows you to enjoy the advantages of both worlds. Using Instagram’s powerful Stories feature, you may save your content for longer than 24 hours.

You should make at least one post every day to ensure visibility in users’ news feeds

The prominence in people’s news feeds that you gain from using Stories is a major benefit. The exposure of your brand has greatly increased here. Unlike an ordinary post, which could be lost in someone’s feed, this one is sure to get noticed. Even if it doesn’t, they probably won’t give it more than a cursory glance as they scroll through it. A dark post can be used on Facebook and Instagram to hide excessively serious information.
When it comes to your social media, you know that consistency is crucial. The same holds true for your Instagram stories. Using the function once a week won’t have much of an impact. Establish this as a routine, and you will see positive results.

Questioning and polling can be used to boost participation

People are always eager to add their two cents when given the chance. Because of this, it might be extremely beneficial to get their input. Thankfully, this is simplified with IG Stories.
All five of these methods encourage the user to interact with you. They encourage curious onlookers to pause and investigate further.

Instagram Stories are a powerful medium for establishing meaningful relationships with your followers. Get people talking about your brand by using these five features.

Drive People to Your Website with Stories

That’s where most of the interesting stuff occurs.

Using Stories’ “swipe up” function is the quickest method to do this. Here you may insert a link, and when users swipe up, Instagram will take them to the destination you specify.

However, you won’t get access to this function until you reach 10,000 followers. Not many of us can boast an audience of 10,000+. Next steps…

The link you include in your bio, then, is more important than ever.

When appropriate, you should include a clickable link in your bio and promote it in your Stories (and other posts).
Maintain your brand’s voice and aesthetic by plotting multiple stories simultaneously.

Stories are easier to share without much forethought because they are less formal than normal postings and virtually designed to be done spur-of-the-moment.

Stories are meant to be much more laid-back than standard updates. They don’t have to go through the same rigorous editing process.

But that doesn’t imply you should put them online without any consideration.

It’s more efficient to make several at once, or at least to plan for it.

Add content from other users’ stories to your own

Don’t flood the feed with nothing but your own work. What you’re experiencing is called “brand fatigue,” and it’s real. Content whose main purpose is to promote your business will be ignored after a while.

A great approach to expand your network, make new connections, and increase your traffic and engagement is to share the content of others.

To share a user’s post, tap the arrowhead icon to the right of their profile picture.

Get on Instagram Live

We understand that going live for the first time can be terrifying. Imagine you make a blunder. Fear of stumbling over one’s own words. What if you spit out in mid-sentence?

Don’t stress out; no one is holding you to an impossible standard. In fact, the authenticity and naturalness of live videos are two of their most appealing qualities. The people who follow you care about seeing the faces behind the brand.

And if that weren’t enough, Instagram will alert your followers when you go live so they can watch.

Telling stories in real time is a great approach to get to know your audience and interact with them in a new way.

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